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What is Everwing Cheat?

everwing cheat

Everwing is one of the latest in a long line of games available for Facebook Messenger and is rising in popularity as it draws the attention of more and more players out there in the virtual world. The game is focused as a shooter that allows you to play with friends online in order to collect more rewards to progress in the game. You control a faerie initially and shoot at enemies and try to collect the prizes that fall after you hit them. The more coins and other treasure you collect, the more you can improve your character and weaponry. You also have the option to collect eggs to hatch into dragons that can help you in your game. These dragons can be sold for rewards as well. It takes a lot of concentration to keep focused on the screen as well as collection the various rewards without hitting an enemy and ending your game prematurely.


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Are there any ways to beat the system?

As with most games, there are plenty of ways to work around the built in structures of the game. You just have to either try to figure them out on your own, or look for the right resources to get an inside track on the game and improve your play. It’s all a matter of playing smarter, not harder in most cases. Since you’re already here reading, I suppose I can let you in on a few of the best ways to improve your game with these Everwing cheat options.



How to Get Unlimited Coins, Trophies and Eggs?

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Find those legendary dragons!


One of the biggest draws of the game is finding the rare and obscure dragons and items. The only real way to find a dragon is to find or buy an egg and aside from chasing after coins when you remove an enemy while flying around on the screen and hoping that you don’t run into someone that will end your flight is by selling dragons that you are training. The biggest key, and the first Everwing cheat is to make sure that you sell your dragons at the right time. If you sell the dragon at level 29 you will get the best return on your investment because once a dragon has reached level 30 you will only receive a trophy when you sell it. In terms of egg purchases, a trophy is practically worthless. It might give you some kudos eventually, but no one is really watching that.


Get more out of each raid run!


When you go on a raid on your own, you just have yourself to collect the rewards and fight the enemies, but you have the option to partner with other players and find the best rewards and return on your efforts. What this will also do is give you the chance to make this solitary game more of a interactive adventure that will give you a chance to get to know other people around the world.


Find the right fairy for what you want to do!


As you progress through the game you will add different fairies to your team that you can switch out each time you go on a mission. (This is also true for your dragon companions, which you can have 2 at any time on your immediate team.) So before you start a round, decide what you need to focus on most. Do you need coins? You could use Lily because she gets double the coins on every run. Do you want a high score? Lenore will give you a double on your points. Want to get lots of coins and stuff? You should go with Aurora because she has a super magnet power and draws in all of those rewards.


Save your money for GOLD EGGS!


Powering up your dragons and characters are options that can be purchased using your coins, but those improvements will happen naturally as you progress through the game. Instead focus your money on purchasing golden eggs. The gold eggs cost 28,000 coins, but they give you the best chance for the price to get the best kinds of dragons on your team. So save your money and get those top dragons in your fold so that you can have the best team in Everwing.


Learn the patterns for the boss battles!


As with most games, there is some kind of pattern to how all of the enemies work. This is especially true for the bosses. When you get to the boss stage keep your eyes open for how the boss is attacking you. Do they focus on one side and then the other. Where are the gaps in the attacks so you can avoid them. Typically once you know how the pattern works, you can avoid the boss easily as long as you pay attention. It really is a matter of patience and timing.


Grab the four leaf clover is you see it!


The four leaf clover is a great power up because it gives you an upgrade for the entire level. This upgrade can be compounded for each time that you collect a clover so with enough of them, you can beat any enemy with ease as long as you don’t run into something dangerous. Keep looking for those clovers and make your weapon better.


Evolve your dragons!


Now that you have the other Everwing cheat suggestions, it’s time to focus on the evolution of your dragons. Once they reach level 10 you can start the process of evolution which will  increase the power of that dragon greatly. The main thing to keep in mind with this process is that you will need to have 2 dragons that are the same type of dragon and at the same level in order to make this process work, so be sure to keep an eye on your dragon stock in order to get the best return on your investments.


Everwing is a fun game that can be more fun with the right everwing cheat.

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