The Only EverWing Cheats You Will Ever Need

The Only EverWing Cheats You Will Ever Need

Now, a game that is exclusively available on any smartphone device that can access the Facebook Messenger is worth a closer look. EverWings is the Facebook messenger game that already has a cult-like following amongst Facebook users.

Everwing Cheats

The game takes on a theme of teaming up with dragons and fairies while collecting trophies and coins to defeat enemies. Also, much like other games, it also encourages teaming up with your social media friends in raid boss battles.

You probably don’t need any sell-ups on why you should try out this social game, and if you are here, it is probably for EverWing cheats. This straightforward EverWing guide will help both seasoned players and new ones alike to navigate their way through the game.


Get Everwing Unlimited Legendary Eggs

To get the legendary dragon eggs quickly, you can buy them using your trophies. However, there is even a better way to expeditiously get the eggs and an even greater number of them. The best way is to buy the gold eggs using coins.

It is all a game of strategy, and it involves leveling up your dragons to 29. Don’t go to 30, because going to 30 will get you EverWing unlimited trophies instead of coins. What you need are coins, and with them, you can buy as many golden eggs as possible.



How to Get Unlimited Coins, Trophies and Eggs?

Step 1 : Go to this link CLICK HEREĀ 

Step 2 : Input your facebook username, id or email

Step 3 : Select the amount of resources that you need

Step 4 : Click generate now and click yes to confirm

Step 5 : Wait for the process to be completed

Step 6 : Complete an offer

Step 7 : Go to your account and enjoy!


Pick Your Fairies Wisely

Select fairies based on the particular goals you have for different rounds. Lily comes with a 2X multiplier making it easy to end up with a lot of coins.

On the other hand, Lenore is the fairy you need to reach those high scores because she comes with 2X lives. For an all round experience, go for the super magnet Aurora.


Maximize Raid Boss Rewards

Find Facebook raid groups and join as many of them as you can. You can find them through the EverWing page on Facebook, and you should participate in as many raids as you can.

With every raid that you participate in you will get small rewards and eventually they will all add up. Quantity matters in the regard, and having as many smaller awards translate to overall huge rewards.


Avoid The Armored Goblin

You will encounter several enemies throughout the game, but the armored goblin could be the most annoying one. It takes some hit points to kill off the armored troll, and you want to avoid it unless you have enough firepower.

The way about it is to shoot around the armored troll and kill the other goblins. The armored troll also comes with just one experience point if you do manage to kill it. Therefore, just shoot around it to get at the other goblins and make it through those rounds.


Use Your Coins Wisely

Upgrading your fairies and dragons requires using some of your coins, but you can instead choose to do it by killing your opponents. You will want to save up your coins because they will come in handy when you need to unlock new dragons and fairies.

If you have a huge stash of EverWing unlimited coins, you can strategically choose when to use them for upgrades. However, your coins are better spent buying gold eggs rather than on fairies and dragons upgrades.


Surviving Raid Boss Rounds

When you reach the raid boss rounds, your focus should be staying alive, and that will ultimately get you high scores. Each time you paly against them, keep a watchful eye on the order and methods of attacks they employ.

It is important to figure out how the raid boss launches their attack because it will always be in a similar order each time. It will then give you an upper hand in avoiding the dreaded kills and getting through the rounds with high scores.


EverWing Crystals

Collect every single crystal you come across while playing the game because they translate to coins. Purple crystals carry a 10-coin worth, the red-colored ones a 20-coin worth, and blue a 40-coin worth.

Crystals will randomly pop up when battling with goblins, but you can bag a load of them when you destroy one of the treasure chests. With a ton of crystals to work with, you can easily make it through the game’s other rounds and claim the highest scores amongst your friends.


Power Ups

One significant EverWing Cheat to keep in mind is making use of the powerups and the most important one of them. The four-leaf clover just happens to work as the most important of the EverWing power-ups arguably.

The four-leaf clovers will upgrade fairy weapons up a level for the duration of the round where they get collected. Focus on picking as many of the four-leaf power ups as you can because they will help you make it further in the game. They mainly will come in handy during rounds when you have to battle with the goblins and bosses.


Boss Reward Glitches

Sometimes, when collecting your boss rewards, occasional glitches may pop up. Often, they turn up after the fifth raid boss round, and when you pick one, you will then find out what reward you have received. At the rewards screen, double tap on the Facebook messenger to close it.

At the rewards screen, double tap on the Facebook messenger to close it. Open the app again and open EverWing again. The incredible EverWing cheat will see you bag the reward which translates to opening an infinite amount of chests.


Evolve Your Dragons

The best and most efficient way to power up your dragons is by evolving them. Dragons that hit the 10th level can get developed with the help of similar dragons that have also hit the 10th level.

In essence, you will sacrifice one dragon to grow the other, but your original dragon ends up growing much stronger. Dragons can go through a maximum of three evolves throughout the game.

With these straightforward EverWing cheats there is no reason why you shouldn’t blast through those game rounds and hit impressively high scores.