Things you need to know before playing everwing

After the final launching of this game app in facebook messenger this became one of the most played games around the world. This game can be played on the facebook messenger platform and it gain millions of players over a short period of time.  The main function of this game is not only to have fun it also give us a chance to engage to our friends on facebook and complete quest and raid boos together.

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And since I also play this game I decided to give some tips and tricks….

Internet Connection

This game can be played on facebook messenger and we all know that messenger uses internet or mobile data.

  • Everwing can be only played when you have internet connection.
  • You need internet connection so you can play with friends online
  • You can also use VPN if you don’t have internet connection.
  • Try this VPN  For Google play link here (Turbo VPN Google Play) For iOS App Store link here (Turbo VPN App Store)


What character to use?

For the purpose of grinding I suggest to use Aurora because this character have the ability to attract coins because of her built in magnet skill.  This character can be used when you reached level 19 and it will cost you 150,000 coins.  I can assure you that shes worth buying for.

If you are going to hoard coins then you need to buy Sofia because this character gains 2x experience when you completed a quest.  And both Sofia and the sidekicks.

After unlocking Fiona it’s now time to send alice to do the quest.

Legendary Eggs

You need to collect as much as  trophy  that you can because you will need it to get legendary eggs. It is a little bit expensive so save trophies.  The best way to get trophies is to go on tournaments and boss raids.

If you are rushing trophies you can use our cheat tool check it out here

  • Never sell eggs if they are not on maxed level.
  • For 1 star dragon max it to level 10
  • for 2 star dragon max it to level 20
  • for 3 star dragon max it to level 30

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